The Real Download Page ;)

Thanks for your details, I will resist the urge to sell them to marketing companies. To avoid having to enter your details again, on the previous page you can click the link below the sign-up box.

Note that there are two LINUX versions, both pre-compiled using Intel MKL libraries. In general, I recommend using the serial version, but if you have multiple processors available, the parallel version can be bit faster (but the speed-up is far from linear, and be careful you don’t drown your cluster!).

To run either version, simply download the executable, open a terminal window, then type the name of the file, e.g.:
If compatible with your system, this should produce the LDAK welcome screen.

Should you wish to compile a LINUX version from the source code, the basic command is:
gcc -o ldak5.linux ldak.c libqsopt.linux.a -lblas -llapack -lm -lz

If you want to run LDAK on a mac, please download the source code, then from within the source code folder type (preferably while hanging your head in shame):

gcc -o ldak5.mac ldak.c libqsopt.mac.a -lblas -llapack -lm -lz
chmod a+x ldak5.mac

If these work, then the final command should produce the LDAK welcome screen.

If you have any problems, email me at doug<dot>speed<at>ucl<dot>ac<dot>uk

Click here to download LDAK5.linux (serial)
Click here to download LDAK5.linux (parallel)
Click here to download source code for LDAK5
Click here to download the test datasets