SumHer is our tool for analysing summary statistics. It has four main aims:

Estimate the SNP Heritability of a trait
Estimate Heritability Enrichments
Estimate Genetic Correlations
Estimate the selection-related parameter alpha

Note that an earlier aim was to estimate the amount of Confounding Bias in an association study. While this function still exists, we no longer recommend its use (see Publications for our reasoning). Instead, we strongly recommend that you only analyse summary statistics when confident they come from an association study that performed careful quality control (i.e., took care to exclude poorly-genotyped SNPs and minimise confounding due to relatedness or population structure).
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Regardless of the aim, there are two steps. The first is to a obtain a tagging file, which provides the (relative) expected heritability tagged by each predictor under the chosen Heritability Model. You can Calculate Taggings yourself, for which you require a (well-matched) Reference Panel. However, it is usually easier to instead use the Pre-computed Taggings that we calculated using data from the UK Biobank. The second step is to regress (correctly-formatted) Summary Statistics onto the tagging file.

Note that at the moment, SumHer is designed only for common predictors (MAF>0.01 or MAF>0.005). When we extend the method to accommodate rare predictors, we will let you know.